Getting Started

SIQ Basketball is easy to use all you need is your phone and the ball:

1. Download the app

2. Login and enter your name and height

3. Subscribe

4. Spin the ball to start shooting


1. Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open the app

Login by typing in your email address and pressing Login. We will then send a link to your email. You will have to open the link in the same device in which the app is installed. Please note that the email delivery may take a few minutes and the email may end up in your junk mail. Luckily you don't need to login very often.

If you have a Gmail account, you can login simply by pressing the Google button. With Google login, no email confirmation is needed.

Once at the Profile screen, enter your name and height. This reveals the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

Once you click Shoot in the navigation menu, you are taken into the activation screen to activate your subscription.The subscription is activated by pressing Subscribe button. Then, you will enter the familiar In-App Purchase sequence provided by Apple or Google, accordingly.

Once the subscription is successfully completed, the app is ready to go.HAVE FUN SHOOTING!

App Compatibility

The app works on:

Android 10 or later
iOS 14 or later

A user account and subscription (SIQ Shooter $8.99/month or SIQ Shooter Pro $14.99/month) are required to track your shots. Each subscription level unlocks all of the app’s shot tracking features. Pro subscribers with 12 subsequent monthly payments and over 3000 shots taken during a 6 month period receive a new ball every year, and you get to keep the old ball!

Subscription is done through either the App Store or the Google Play Store. You do not commit to anything, you can cancel your order whenever you want.


If you are having issues with the subscription, please note that a single Google or Apple ID can be connected to only one user in the app. That is, using multiple accounts with one Google or Apple ID is currently not supported. If your children are using SIQ Basketball with an Apple device, we recommend enabling Family Sharing to allow your children to enjoy playing basketball while you control the payments.

If you use Family Sharing and the app is stuck at Waiting for Parent Approval but you have received payment receipt from Apple, you can force quit the app. Go back to Shoot page and press Restore.

If your ball doesn't connect to your phone, please verify the ball is within 5 meters (17 feet) from the phone. This limitation prevents your phone from accidentally connecting to someone else's ball. When shooting, the distance limit is 30 meters (100 feet).

If you are within the required distance, please ensure that you are spinning the ball as described in step 4. The ball is in deep sleep and needs a certain wake-up motion to activate. You might learn alternative ways to wake the ball but the sequence above works for everyone.

If you are within the required distance and spin the ball as instructed, your phone's Bluetooth connection may be having some trouble. You can reset it by manually toggling it off and on. Instructions for Apple and Android devices.

Finally, it is always possible that something is wrong with the app. Please check that you are using the latest version of the app. If you have the latest version installed, try first switching to Profile view and back to Shoot. If that doesn't help, try force quitting the app.

As a last resort, please reboot your phone.

Identify Makes, Misses and Swishes

SIQ's patented machine learning technology detects and tracks your shooting. You can take any kind of shot (catch and shoot, off the dribble, or a relaxed shot like a free throw) and the ball automatically classifies the shot into those categories.

The ball classifies your shots into makes and misses by analyzing the interaction between the ball and the hoop. But we didn't stop there. The SIQ ball is smart enough to know if a shot is a swish. Great shooters track swishes and "clean makes," so we're able to instantly track that info for you.

There are a few requirements for you to get most out of your SIQ basketball:

• You need a regulation 10' basket
• You need a full, unbroken net
• You need to place the phone within 90' of the ball

Finally, there are a few situations that may lead to unexpected results:

• Airballs might go undetected (as they look a lot like lob passes)
• Shots that hit the front of the rim and graze the net might be classified as makes
• Shots that bounce on the rim for more than two seconds
• Sloppy bounce passes can cause false detections
• Some layups and dunks might still go undetected, but we are working on it!

Heat Map

SIQ Basketball app can tell you where you make your shots and where you miss. Knowing where you can make your shot is important tool for selecting your shot. Coaches rarely bench you if you take shots from those spots where you normally make them.

To collect your shot locations, you need to calibrate the basket. To calibrate a basket, please select HEAT MAP module and take twenty shots from five different spots totalling 100 shots altogether.

After the session the app automatically calibrates the basket to your shooting style. In case the calibration fails, you are informed and you should review the instruction video to get all the details right.

After a successful calibration, you can start shoot again with SHOOTAROUND module and after the session, you'll be asked which calibration to apply. Again don't worry if you make a mistake. You can always recreate the heat map.

It is normal to have some variation in the shot locations, as it depends on your shot consistency among other things, so don't worry about that.

The overall accuracy of your heat map keeps improving while you keep working on your shooting.

Shot Consistency

SIQ Basketball's technology automatically tracks every shot you take and analyzes the underlying shot mechanics. When you shoot, your arms, body, and legs all move. We measure all of these movements in every shot.

Being a great shooter is about muscle memory. Finding a repeatable, consistent form that works for you.

During your shooting sessions, we grade your consistency between 4 and 10 -- where 10 is perfect, indicating that every shooting motion is consistent in all of your shots. You know, like our pros Duncan Robinson and Kayla McBride.

After a shooting session, you can slice and dice your shot consistency for the different shooting situations and shot distances. You may have great shot consistency on free throws, but your shot motion might break down when you start taking shots off the dribble or back up to the 3-point line.

Shot Situation (relaxed, dribble and pass shots)

The SIQ app recognizes the situation you took your throw from. Practice as you wish, and the app will recognize whether you took your throw without transport, directly from the feed, or calmly as a free throw. You can view your throws in different situations in the summary view by pressing the Filter button in the upper right corner. 

Please note that you can also feed the ball to yourself by spinning it and we will classify it correctly as a pass. If you throw directly from the rebound, it is also classified as a pass.

Shot Quickness

The SIQ smart ball measures how long the ball is in your hands before you shoot it. Our patented technology can track your release time off the dribble or catch and shoot!

Shooter Identification and Session Splitting

SIQ Basketball tracks every shot you take, even when shooting or playing with friends and teammates.

Believe it or not, the SIQ ball is so smart that it knows who is shooting it! Your shot mechanics create a unique "fingerprint" that can used to determine who took the shot. This fingerprint is created automatically using artificial intelligence after you have taken 500 shots. And your fingerprint will be updated along the way, as your skills improve. We call this Shooter Identification.

But what about those situations where you haven't yet taken 500 shots? After finishing a session with two shooters, you can split the shots between them in the summary page by pressing the filter in the top right corner, and selecting two players. The app will apply its magic and divide the session between the shooters. Before you leave the screen, you can either switch back to single shooter or permanently store the grouping. This is Session Splitting. You can send your friend's data to them by tapping the share button after swiping left on the summary page and pressing "share". Type in your friend's email address and press submit.

There are a few requirements for you to get most out of your shooter identification:

• You need to take varied shots from different distances (if you only take free throws, AI can only detect your shot from the line)

• Your data used in building the fingerprint needs to be truly yours. When creating your fingerprint, don't let others shoot with your ball without using Session Splitting

Finally, there are some known situations that may lead to unexpected results:

• Layups and dunks can't be identified

• Session Splitting isn't always available due to too much similarity in the shot mechanics. In such cases, the shots must not be used in building your fingerprint

• Inconsistent shooters might have difficulties in getting these features to work

Multi-Ball Support

Connecting multiple balls is easy. After connecting the first ball, press the ball icon at the top right of the screen. When the icon turns white, the app is ready to connect the next ball. You can connect up to four balls.

Once you have connected another ball, “my player” icon will appear at the top left of the screen. You can press the icon to change the grouping of shots during the session. If more than one players participate in a session, the shots are divided to the shooters based on their shooting motion and not on the ball they are shooting with. That is, the shooters don't have to worry about shooting with their own ball.

In the session summary, shots are always divided to the individual shooters. You can also tap the shot counter in the middle of the screen. In this case, the view changes to a bar chart, making it easier to compare between balls or shooters. By clicking on a single bar chart, the information at the bottom is updated only for the selected ball or shooter.

Real-Time Stat Tracking with a SIQ Membership

Both tiers receive unlimited data collection during the subscription period. With the SIQ Shooter Pro monthly subscription, after 12 paid months we will send you a new ball (must take a minimum 3,000 shots in 6 months during the last 12 month period).