Shot Consistency

SIQ Basketball tracks every shot you take and analyzes the underlying shot mechanics. When you are shooting, your arms, body, and legs move to get the ball flying towards the basket. We measure this shooting motion in your every shot.

In order to bring the results of your shooting practice into real games, your shot mechanics should always be the same. Therefore, the ball measures the consistency of your shot so that you can tell whether your practice has led to repeatable results.

During your shootout, we measure your overall shot consistency. It is graded between 10 and 4, where 10 is perfect, indicating that your every shooting motion is equal in all of your shots.

After the session, you can slice and dice your shot consistency for the different shooting situations and shot distances. You may have perfect shot consistency on free throws but your shot motion might break down when you start taking shots off the dribble or closer to the three point line. Then, you will have to practice keeping your shooting motion the same in all circumstances and distances.

This is important if you really want to make that crucial shot, when you are tired and the game is on the line.